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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Muse Shake


A week with the Xbox One

Tomorrow the PS4 launches here in Australia – yes, yes, I know once again we are late, but we have beaches and kangaroos and everything here can kill you, so don’t tease us too much – so I thought it would be a good time to evaluate my first week with my new and shiny toy, the Xbox One.


I must admit in the previous generation I maintained that both consoles had their good and bad points, but having a 360 first and the preference for the controller positioned me as an Xbox girl.  The generation before I had an xbox original, and when games were cross-platform I would usually get it on the 360, so I probably do have some bias in favour of the green team.  I am getting both consoles on launch this year, as I already did with the Wii U, and I am hoping to love them all equally… hoping to.


So far I have been very happy with my Xbox One, though I can’t say much in the way of games as of yet.  The console itself is clean and crisp and fun, and still feels like an xbox which triggers all the happy gaming sensors in my brain.  The Kinect voice commands, while not super amazing, are still very good, and have improved my experience of the console rather than detracted from it. Facial recognition is the perfect mix of creepy, cute, and mildly impressive.  I am a sucker for most electronic devices that will specifically say “hi” to me when I enter the room, so they are on to a winner right there.


Another thing to note is that the Xbox One has been a leader in Netflix connectivity in Australia.  They’ve added achievements to this, which I’m conflicted about, but overall the experience makes me happy.  I know everyone shouted down Microsoft’s 2013 E3 show for being all ‘TV, entertainment, TV,’ but I’m glad to have this functionality so easily accessible, and rate it as a plus in the console’s favour.


Being able to record gameplay on the fly is also very impressive, and I know that both consoles are boasting this feature loud and proud.  Personally, this was one of the things I was most excited for of this generation, and how well it has worked for me on the Xbox One has been a real generation maker.  I now feel that lacking this is a failing, so my Wii U and I have been having some disagreements of late.


Last of all: The controller.  I’ve been hearing wild rumours that the PS4 controller is more comfortable than the One’s.  I’m sceptical, and intrigued.  The comfort of the 360’s amazing controller was part of what solidified my decision to make it my primary gaming system, and I actually have really liked the Xbox One’s so far.  It feels nice in my hands, and although there have been changes, for the most part I feel they’re good ones.  My only real gripe is the shoulder buttons, as I find them hard to keep pressed down.  Whether this is a me thing or a controller thing will come in time, but I am very interested to see how the PS4 compares in this aspect more than any other.


Did you get an Xbox One?  How do you like it?  Are you getting a PS4 tomorrow?  Let us know!!

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