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Published on August 29th, 2014 | by Jess Polak


The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Review

Throughout my childhood, the rare occasions I had the chance to play a Zelda game was whenever I could manage to convince my friends to let me have a go on their GameBoys; it seems I didn’t understand the concept of saving money and my parents didn’t understand the concept of video games. In fact, the first Zelda game I personally owned was Phantom Hourglass which came along a good deal after my introductory furrows into the land of Hyrule. Being older and ever so slightly better at saving rupees, I can now indulge in my dormant childhood dream of completing all of the games in the series, beginning with The Minish Cap for Game Boy Advance.



The story follows Link who must save Hyrule from the evil sorcerer Vaati with the help of a living green cap named Ezlo and a race of miniature creatures called the Minish. Link was chosen to be the young hero since the Minish can only be seen by children (seriously, where is the parental guidance?). There are a series of cut-scenes throughout the game that add to the back-story by  explaining the creation of the Four Sword and the villain Vaati’s history, both of which are key elements later on in the video game series. Also, the soundtrack incorporated music that any person who has played Zelda in the past would recognise and the Triforce motif can be seen throughout the kingdom of Hyrule.





The game includes a lot of the standard components found in the Zelda series such as collecting heart containers, acquiring a vast amount of weapons, completing puzzles and chopping down grass to find rupees. On the whole, the puzzles aren’t too difficult but they definitely kept me entertained and the fact that you could be miniaturized was a creative (and welcome) addition to the game play. The Minish Cap also introduced the use of kinstones fragments which, when matched together, would unlock treasure chests and secret areas while the golden pieces were needed to advance the story. One of my favourite parts of the entire game would have to be a mini-game where you had to catch cuccos in exchange for rupees; it was repetitive and it took me quite a while to complete, but boy was I determined.

The Minish Cap is a good choice of game for all long-term Legend of Zelda fans as well as any action-adventure enthusiast. It holds everything I love about the series including an incredible soundtrack and some entertaining side-quests (come at me cuccos). If you haven’t played The Minish Cap, I definitely recommend getting your hands on a copy since it doesn’t even take that long to complete and you can never go wrong with a Zelda game. Never.


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