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Published on November 11th, 2014 | by Jess Polak


Kromaia Review

A 3D shooter that brings together some interstellar game play with some intense spaceship combat; Kromaia is the new game from Kraken Empire which will please any fan of shoot-‘em-ups.  On first impressions, this game reminded me of the space battles found in Ratchet & Clank 2 but on a much larger scale.  The aim of Kromaia is to collect all the orbs in a level whilst battling it out with a horde of enemy bots who are coming in on every side.  After that is all done, each level pits you against one of the four gods mentioned in the story-line for a boss battle of epic proportions.

The music was perfectly set to the game and the symbols that they used for the menu buttons were a great addition that went well with bringing you into the Kromaia universe.  However, the loading in between cut-scenes was a bit longer than it should have been and it did feel quite repetitive since you had to complete every level with all four ships to unlock the final boss battle.  The layouts of the levels are for the most part quite stunning, but sometimes there were too many objects on screen which made it difficult to keep up with what was happening.


The aesthetic is definitely intriguing


The game saves every time you collect an orb so even if you got a game over, it was easy to carry on from last point which eliminated some of the challenge, but at the same time I was quite appreciative of this since the idea of collecting 19/20 of the orbs only to die and have to do it all over again did not appeal to me at all.  The ‘advanced boosters’ and the extra shields that would sometimes appear after defeating an enemy saved me on numerous occasions and other times I would be mere meters away from collecting them when they suddenly decided to disappear.

The enemy bots were able to keep up with me even with the advanced boost which forced me to eliminate them before they destroyed all my shields and left me defenseless; there is definitely no running in this game.  The combat provided some challenge to the game and it did take me a few tries to actually understand all the mechanisms during fights.  Having a whole horde of enemies on your tail kept the game’s intensity levels high and allowed you to fully test and utilize your spaceship’s maneuverability.  One downfall of the combat was during the times you were close to walls which made the camera go slightly berserk therefore making it difficult to take aim and defeat the enemies.  There were also times where an enemy would crash into you and force you into a completely different position which was confusing at times but still manageable.


Fast paced and intense action


When playing Kromaia, you can see the amount of effort that was placed in designing this game and, even with its flaws; Kromaia is quite enjoyable to play.  The combat is hands down the best factor of this game although I didn’t find much replay ability after completing all the levels.  If you are interested in a decent 3D space-shooter, Kromaia is definitely a good option even though it does have a few bugs that will hopefully be fixed in the coming updates.

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