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Published on February 26th, 2015 | by Erri


Erri Reviews The Order 1886

The Order 1886 is a cinematic shooter that follows the journey of Sir Galahad as he tries to balance his loyalty to the Order and his team with his increasing desire to uncover and uphold the truth. Set in a steampunk Victorian London, the city has been keeping a potential lycan epidemic at bay with an elite order of knights. With the weaponry expertise of none other but Nikola Tesla, the knights of the Order seek out and destroy lycan threats with guns that range from firing electric bolts to explosive clouds that are then detonated by gun fire. From the beginning of the game there are serious whispers of betrayal within the Order itself but some of the plot twists along the way are not what you expect.  Overall the storyline for The Order 1886 is pretty interesting and had me gripped by the second half. You can’t help but feel that you’re involved in a story that has a lot of rich history to it and I hoped that I could read or see more into that history. The ending of the game rounds off the story well but does leave a lot of potential for a sequel that would follow a different path to The Order 1886.  I do hope that if a sequel does eventuate that they delve into that backstory a little bit more.  Who wouldn’t want to hear more about the knights of the round table!

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Lets go explode some generic bad guys!


From the first scene to the last – this is a visually stunning game and the first example I believe we have seen of next gen graphics used consistently throughout the game.  The detail in this game is amazing. Welding joints can be seen on chain mail worn by characters as well as their dirty pores. Because cleaning up lycans are more of a priority than cleaning their faces. It is obvious that a lot of time and care has been put into character and scenery design. There are a few major scene changes in The Order and when they come they have a strong impact. The change from the dirty streets of London to the air ship was my favourite and reminded me of Bioshock Infinite immediately.

Game play is very linear in The Order 1886.  It is clear from the get go that there is a specific story that the developers want to tell and you, the player, are simply along for the experience. Areas can be explored to an extent and in doing so you are usually rewarded with a cool gun or random collectable. Fight mechanics feel a lot like Gears of War, being very focused on cover. When you do get up and close to enemies and take them down with melee, a unique takedown sequence is shown depending on where you are and what is close to you which was a pretty cool touch. Head shots were also sometimes amusing when too high an aim would make the enemy’s helmet would fly off.

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A girl could get lost in those beautifully rendered eyes


The Order 1886 was a surprise for me. I think we instinctively assume these days that a game is going to fit in to one of our community agreed upon categories: FPS, racer, fighter, “indie”, etc. I have read quite a few reviews that have been disappointed with The Order 1886. Most of the arguments centre on it being too short with too many cut scenes. I can understand that people have been disappointed with the length – and maybe this should be seen as a good thing – people wanted more! I know I do. If The Order 1886 is approached as more of a cinematic game, one with more cut scenes and less player choices, you will not be disappointed.



Erri Reviews The Order 1886 Erri

Summary: Visually stunning story driven game. Recommended if you loved movies like Van Helsing.


Cinematic experience

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