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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Ithika


Soon: Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds and (hooray) a Zelda 3DS XL

3DS_Zelda_logo01It’s hardly new news, but there’s not long at all to go now before the latest, lovely 3DS XL collector’s edition hits Australian shores.  Alas, stock has just sold out at EB Games, the only Australian distributor.   If you’re keen for this nice piece of shine and haven’t pre-ordered, you might need to try an international version or brave the slavering maw of virulent scalpers that is Ebay.


As you likely already know, A Link Between Worlds is a sequel of sorts to the 1992 title A Link to the Past.  That classic SNES game – one of the frequent contenders for the much-debated ‘best Zelda’ crown.   The aesthetic link (ahem) is immediately obvious – not only through the top-down camera, which was also seen in the DS titles Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks – but through translating specific aesthetic qualities from the 90s title – most notably the design and garb of Link himself, but also in the design of vegetation and map borders – into the new game.

A press release from Nintendo tells us that, in addition to the ability to change Link into a 2D drawing, a new system will allow players to rent or buy items out of the chronological order of the game, and that we can then tackle dungeons in whatever order we see fit.  This sounds, frankly, like a welcome and refreshing shake-up to the well-trodden route of progression through chronologically ordered dungeons (beloved though that formula is).  In addition, upon completing your first play through you’ll unlock a Hero Mode, “in which Link takes greater damage from enemies when hit.”  All of which sounds great to me!

Will you be picking up this latest Zelda instalment on launch day? Or will you be too busy fawning over your new Xbox One? No judgement – I will be giddily unboxing my new golden, dual-screened, 3D-capable best friend and uploading the doubtless frenzied record of that here.


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