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Published on January 4th, 2015 | by Britt Andrews


Preview – Metal Dead: Encore

As a lover of metal music, zombies and video games, I couldn’t help but sidle over to the booth I saw labelled METAL DEAD: ENCORE in PAXAus’s indie developer section.  I spoke to developer Liam from Walk Thru Walls Studios, and when I asked for his inspiration behind the game, I was met with an answer that made me think “That makes so much sense, I don’t even know why I asked.”

“We love point and click adventure games, zombies and metal, so we combined them.”

Set for release in mid-2015, Metal Dead: Encore is a point and click adventure game, the sequel to the game Metal Dead, currently available on Steam.  A 2011 release, described on Steam as “A hilariously terrifying adventure filled with laughs, blood, insanity, and of course… hordes of the undead.”  Metal Dead is hand drawn and animated, with a MIDI metal soundtrack.  You play as Malcolm and Ronnie, a pair of metalheads stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse when their car crashes outside a medical facility.

Production for Metal Dead: Encore began after fan Alejandro Tiscornia rerecorded the original MIDI soundtrack and sent it to them as a gift.  Walk Thru Walls Studios got in contact with him, and they are collaborating on the soundtrack for the second instalment.  While still being hand drawn and animated, Metal Dead: Encore will feature a full soundtrack.  It revives your role as Malcolm, on an adventure to defeat an evil landshark mutant that escapes during the Hoofs and Horns annual music festival.

Full metal soundtrack, puzzles, zombies and landsharks? This game cannot come quick enough.

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