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Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Erri


4 upcoming horror games to watch out for in 2015

Between the return of horror games to mainstream gaming and the opportunities crowd funding gives small time developers, we are starting to see some amazing horror gems appear. Here are a few games to keep an eye out for next year:


1. Kholat

Let’s just set the mood with Kholat, which is based on real life events. Oooerrrr. In 1959 a group of Russian students went on an expedition in the Ural Mountains. The entire crew did not survive, with their bizarre deaths often being suggested as the result of something paranormal. The game drops the player into the same area where the tragedy occurred years later, with the task of finding out what happened. With an open world map and a story line focused on exploration and storytelling, this is one definitely to watch out for, especially if you are familliar with the legend behind the Dyatlov Pass incident.

Platform: PC/MAC.


2. U55 – End of the Line

Holy subway spooking batman, this game trailer looks great! In U55 – End of the Line you play as an American tourist that survives a subway train crash in Berlin. You must navigate your way through the dark with your smart phone as your only source of light. No word yet if it lets you look up lol cats or take terrified selfies. This game aims to feel like Amnesia or Outlast, with a Lovecraft/Call of Cthulhu feel. Using first person view the player will make their way though subway tunnels, nazi bunkers and more all with an ever present evil lurking around you.

Platform: PC


3. Grave

Grave is going to be one of the rare horror games that you will be able to play over and over. An open world with a ton of possible environments, Grave is a mixture of survival, avoidance, defence and ever-building dread. During the day you will scavenge for supplies in a vast desert landscape. At night that landscape can change at random, various nasties will seek you out, and even the passage of time can change.

Platform: PC/MAC/Xbox One


4. Routine

Routine is a survival horror set in an abandoned moon base that has been designed around an 80’s vision of the future (I sure hope there are lasers!). The player is set with the grim task of uncovering the cause behind the disappearance of everyone stationed at the base by finding data scattered around. The game doesn’t give you health bars, points or rewards. Its permadeath at its finest – run, hide, and survive. Depending on the choices you make there are multiple endings giving the game some replay ability.

Platform: PC


Which of these games do will you be looking forward to?  Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Shadowrun says:

    This is an interesting article as I have not heard of any of these games until now. Both Kholat and Routine sound very interesting. I will be keeping an eye on them and thanks for the information.

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