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Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Muse Shake


Trailer – Hover: Revolt of Gamers


There are games that stick with you your whole life, and influence how you perceive every other game from that point on.  Jet Set Radio Future is one of those games for me, and every time I see anything remotely similar I prickle with anticipation, though am usually let down.  I find tiny parts of it mirrored in other games, such as riding the power lines in inFAMOUS, which have won them a few points in my heart for often not a good enough reason.

So with that context in mind when I saw this trailer, I nearly wet myself.  I tellingly caught wind of this trailer through a retweet from Hideki Naganuma who wrote music for Jet Set Radio Future and is thus in among the top ten coolest guys on the planet (follow him on twitter here).  He is known for getting the hopes of fellow Jet Set fans up on hinting tweets and generally being about as euphoric about the game as we are, so when he links a game trailer I’m pretty keen to take notice.



I mean look at how cool the art is

Hover: RoG is pushed as a parkour game, set in a futuristic neon world where video games have been band.  You play as the gamers who have set out to use their made parkour skills to distract the authorities so citizens can get their consoles back, and generally lead a revolution.  So it’s an oppressive government with a power hungry mayor and some stylish youths are fighting back, be still my beating Graffiti Soul.  The facebook page also hints at Oculus Rift style plans, and while this may potentially cause some players to vomit, I personally am pretty excited about the idea.

Everything about this game just reeks of way too cool, from parkour, to hacking, to being a leader of a cyberpunk resistance, so please check out the trailer and get behind these guys.  The trailer is only alpha, and the facebook page has under 300 likes as I write this, so you can even make a claim to being with it from the beginning if you get on board soon.


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