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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by Muse Shake


Thief 101 trailer is very… salty?



The latest trailer for the up and coming Thief game has been released and I’m feeling a mix of skeptical and impressed.  The setting appears beautiful and rich, familiar to the thief series while promising a more refreshed and deep next gen world.  The gameplay looks immersive and both intensely stealth focused while still leaving room for those that like to run and gun.  Puzzling minds will find multiple ways to confront challenges, and as is the flavour of the month slogan we will apparently be able to ‘play our way’ in an open world with unlimited options.

Now anyone who wasn’t born yesterday has learnt to hear these words and take them with as much of a grain of salt as their hype will allow, however such descriptions are now so commonplace in the gaming world that I wonder how much seasoning we have left.  It’s not as though they are untrue or without place in the marketing scope of the gaming world, it is just that now I find myself asking ‘what do we really expect from these games’.

I watch a trailer like this one and I get hype, just as I’m sure many other gamers will.  I enjoy stealth, I enjoy puzzles, and I am definitely looking forward to this game.  The trailer echos of what made older Thief titles great, as well as channeling aspects of more recent titles that I have enjoyed such as Dishonored, and Mirrors Edge.  But I also watch and I hear those now altogether too salty promises, and I feel my heart sink.  In my brain ‘unlimited options’ translates to ‘two or three entries’ and ‘non lethal takedowns’ to ‘killing, but not really and with a different ending’.

And despite all of this I don’t feel jaded, just slightly wary of promises I’ve heard before, and how to rein in my expectations.  Or at least I didn’t, until I thought I saw zombies.

Oh Thief, I will buy you and play you regardless.  My next gen consoles are ravenous and I would love nothing more than to feed them.  I’ll probably actually quite enjoy you, you look so tasty, but just a bit saltier than you used to.

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