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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Ithika


PAX Australia 2014 Tickets are on sale!


With a mere 352 days till the next PAX Aus, tickets are now on sale, and you can buy them here. PAX Aus 2014 will run from the 31st of October to 2 November next year, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre – a larger and more central venue than this year’s con enjoyed.

In addition to the daily or three day passes you could nab for this year’s show, international hopefuls now have access to three-day passes reserved for not-Aussies – so I imagine that’s good news for our Kiwi and South East Asian brethren.  If you are coming to PAX Aus from somewhere further away, my goodness. You are a keen trooper – especially considering our Native Fauna. What’s more, the event organisers have wrangled reserved accommodation for PAX attendees near to the main event – although the ticket to accommodation ratio obviously has been unannounced, that is a nice little touch for us interstate and internationals.

Are you one such intrepid explorer? Or are you just, like the other XXP girls and myself, stuck in far-off Perth Town, at least as far from Melbourne as all you Kiwis?

I’m going to do my damndest to get to PAX next year – I was pretty sad in my heart that I missed it, but then, I did go on a two week safari in Kenya and Tanzania, and since I didn’t get eaten by a hyena, what am I complaining about?

Our Muse Shake did trundle over to the inaugural PAX Aus though, and her thoughts on the event are here.

Edit: As of 4:00pm WST, November 12, 3 Day Passes are 50% sold out. Crikey.

PAX AUS 2014 3 Day Passes are 100% sold out. You can still buy passes to individual days, though.




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