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Published on September 15th, 2014 | by Muse Shake


Girls Make Games Summer Camp Registrations Open!

If you’re a Sydney or Melbourne lass then you can now register to go on an awesome Summer Camp with Girls Make Games.  If you’re not familiar with Girls Make Games the name is pretty self explanatory, but to put it simply they’re an organisation that helps empower young girls with the tools to make video games.  Not only do they help with teaching girls how to make games, but also how to pitch their ideas to companies, and even visit existing Game Developers.

The best part is these camps have proven to be successful, with girls from one of the groups even launching a kickstarter campaign that was funded 3 times over.  This means that not only do attendees of these camps have a great time, but the skills they learn and put in to practice actually work, and they really do make games, good ones, from the look of it!

‘The Negatives’ who are behind ‘The Hole Story’ on Kickstarter, showing off their well deserved awards


If this has peaked your interest, and I really hope it has you can find heaps more information about Girls Make Games over at their site, and also register to be a part of these upcoming camps.  We sorely need more kickarse female game developers in the world, so go on, and become one!



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