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Be a part of XXP

So you’d like to be a part of or do things for XXP?  That’s awesome!  That’s super duper amazingly so damn cool and we love you for it!  Whether you’re interested in making video content, blogging, or just giving us the odd opinion we’d love to see it!

Here at XXP we do regular videos on youtube, and would love to have people do recurring or even one off videos or articles that coincide with these.  If you’re interested in this and would like to know what topics are coming up, please get in contact with us.

If weekly topics aren’t your thing but you feel you have something you’d like to contribute please let us know.  We’re all about getting a balanced and better image of female geekiness out there, and the more people we have on board the greater our chances of achieving this are.

If you want to be involved but really don’t know what you could do here are some things off the top of my head that I think could be cool ideas.  Feel free to take from these or variations of etc.


this is what esports looks like right? According to muse it is!


eSports:   Do you play Dota2, CoD, LoL, FIFA or anything at all competitively?   Do you know people who do?  None of us currently here at XXP have a tonne of knowledge about this, but we’d love to see it covered on our site.  Whether you’d like to specify in one game, do a monthly recap of new things or tournaments, or anything at all, we’d really like to get an inside look at the eSports community from some girls in the know.



comics and books!


Comics/books: For me personally there’s simply not enough time in the day to consume all the tasty geeky media that I’d like to.  Comics are a newer interest of mine, but still I don’t feel like I’ve the time or the knowledge to effectively talk about them just yet.  If you’re a comic or book nut and love talking about them we’d love to have you.  Be it a monthly lookback at the comics/books you’ve read/best ones out, or indepth looks at how the universes are changing and shifting to support a new audience please hit us up.

ithika rocking a cosplay

Cosplay: Everyone here at XXP loves cosplay, but sadly all of us are also sort of new to it.  We want to know more, and we want you to help us! Be you a costume maker extraudinaire, a model for your friends, or just an enthusiest who’s seen it all we would love to see something from you.  Articles on amazing or unusual cosplays, how you make things, or advice for other interested parties (LIKE US!) are just a few ideas of we’d like to see reguarding Cosplay on our site.



Arinellen’s cool collection


Gadgets: Technofile?  Me too!  Whether you love new cameras, phones, consoles, robots, lego, anything at all we’d love to hear from you!   Keeping people up to date on what’s out there in the wide world of technology or even throwing back to amazing gadgets of the past would likely be the objective in this ‘position’ but if you have other ideas as always let us know.


these are just a few ideas, and even if you think these positions have been filled please still get in contact with us.  We’re more than happy to have as many ladies who want to be involved working with us.  This is an effort to better the community and have a lot of geeky fun while we’re at it.



What’s in it for me?

Well if you’re talking payment, nothing really.  At the present time XXP is not making money, we’re all volunteers here and in fact spend money keeping this place running.  Depending on where your interests lay and how much you contribute we might be able to get you free review copies of things, entries to cons, but it really depends.


I want to make videos, but I have none of the ideas how.

Oh we feel you here.  You’re going to need a camera – if you live in Perth area we can potentially film you for one off videos – and really it just takes practice.  Write down what you want to say, get a clear idea in your head, and just talk.  Videos are a get better as you go kind of thing.  Also film during the day, the light from sunlight is the most forgiving and do a couple of test shots to get yourself comfortable.  View these shots on the computer not your camera as you won’t usually see the whole picture on a smaller screen.  If you’re having trouble editing we can edit videos for you if we have the time.  If you would feel more comfortable colaborating with one of us that can be arranged too. We are friendly friends and we do not bite.  If you have specific questions about videos, feel free to drop us a line on one of our social medias.


What if I can’t commit to regular content?

That’s fine!  We’d like to know this if at all possible.. so we don’t expect more from you.  As long as you let us know what you can do, and when this changes then we are very happy chappies.


Can you edit my written work?

Definitely!  In fact we will in a check for spelling and general sentence kind of way.  We will always show you what we’ve done to your works before posting them, and will never purposefully change the meaning behind what you write.  Let us know if you feel we have done this and we will fix it immediately.


I did a thing for you but I want it removed now

We are super sad you feel this way as if we were happy to put your content on our site we must have thought it was pretty good.  We will however respect this, even if we do ask you why and try to convince you out of it a little because your thing was probably awesome.


If you’d prefer to contact us by email about this, feel free to hit us up at

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Gamer, geek, artist & all round swell lady. Video games first sparked a passion with me when my parents decided I wasn't allowed them, forbidden fruit always being the sweetest I've not looked back since my first experiences even though they had to be snuck in at friend's houses. When I'm not working or playing games I'm usually drawing, or writing about games, while secretly resenting that when I turned ten no one gave me a Charmander to roam the land with.

6 Responses to Be a part of XXP

  1. Jess.Polak says:

    How do we go about applying/entering this geekdom? Any specific account we should email? ^_^

  2. Pagan says:

    is there a specific age you have to be?

  3. This looks really interesting. If I can fit it in with my other writing, I’ll definitely apply.

    By the way, there’s a typo in the FAQ – What’s in it for me? section: “vollunteers” should be “volunteers”. Also, grammatically speaking, “interest lay” in the following sentence should probably be “interests lay”. No that isn’t the only section I read! :P

    • Muse Shake Muse Shake says:

      hey Owen, thanks so much for picking up the typos ^-^ we’re so short on people that it’s hard to have another go through and read our work, hence the looking for more ;)

      However we are a female gaming site and as such are only taking female contributors. We may look to expand in the future though so keep a look out for that!

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