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Published on December 9th, 2013 | by Ithika


Createrria : Realise your wildest mobile game-creating dreams

Createrria_1Incuvo, Indie game developers from Poland, have achieved the first instance of Game Dev art-imitating-life, life-imitating-art.  Their app Createrria, free (with in-app purchases, of course) on all iDevices and coming to Android next year, allows gamers to create their own games.
Explicitly designed for gamers, Createrria requires no technical or programming skills, just imagination and deft fingers.  The games you make in Createrria can also be shared with others using the app, which should quickly create a rather interesting kind of playground-within-the-playground.  Hopefully, this marketplace of player-created games will be able to be filtered by a ranking or feedback system, both to allow people to find fun player-created games, and for individuals to refine and improve their creations.
Of course, as Createrria contains no programming or intricate design elements, players will have to work with what Incuvo have provided.  At first glance, however, this does not result in quite as limited a palate as one might expect.  The game features four different ‘themes’ to create games with, “Pixel,” “Fable,” “Smooth,” or “Candy.”  Each theme contains everything you will need to create a cohesive-feeling game, from backgrounds to items and enemies.
Sounding too good to be true yet?  While Createrria is certainly an ambitious project and an excellent concept, only time will tell whether it is flexible and stable enough to provide the experience its ambitious creators envision.  Community-wise, the developers seem to have thought of most things that people would want to do – created games can be shared both on the Createrria network and on Facebook, and you can also record footage of yourself playing Createrria games and upload them to Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.   The game also can’t be too broken, as it has received accolades at Game Connection Europe 2012, PitchForce May 2013 and the Indie Prize Showcase 2013 in San Francisco.
As with many fully-featured gaming apps, it does seem as though Createrria would be better played on the much larger screen of a tablet compared to one’s phone.  However, as someone without a tablet to call my own, I am trying out Createrria on my iPhone 5 and will share my first impressions – screen shots, video and all! – with you all later on today.

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