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Published on August 30th, 2014 | by Ithika


Bargain Alert! Pokemon X/Y 2DS Bundles at Target

If you are in the market for a Nintendo 2DS and Pokemon X or Y, I have good news for you, friend!

According to one of Ozbargain.com.au’s contributors, Target is selling Pokemon X/Y 2DS units for $169.00.  Now, this user was in Fountain Gate, Victoria, and as the deal does not appear to be advertised online or in brochures it may be a quirk exclusive to that store.  (The console is available for around $10 more on average, but hey, a bargain is a bargain!)

While, yes, this is still a higher price than this bundle was advertised for in the USA months ago, we can’t be too bitter.

If you’re yet to play Pokemon X or Y and Pokemon is normally your thing, I think I speak for the whole team here at XXP Games when I say, “Go forth and purchase!”  It truly is a wonderful addition to the franchise.  While I love my 3DS XL and its clamshell design, the 90s kid in me appreciates the chunky, Gameboy-esque aesthetic of the 3DS’s stripped-back sibling.

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  1. lovecraft says:

    I had no idea that Target had stores in Australia. I really like them and I only hope that you are fortunate enough to not have any WalMarts.

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