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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Muse Shake


Rocksmith 2014 first impressions


It all started with a tweet.  I’ve had a fascination for games that can teach you how to ‘life’ for a while now, but Rocksmith has always been a big curiosity to me, as although in my time I have been a musician, mad skills in guitar have always eluded me.  That’s perhaps putting it a bit lightly, if we’re to be truly honest, I got to the smoke on the water stage and gave up.  I’d been hearing good things about Ubisoft’s latest addition to the brand and posted a bold tweet about how I’d like to test this, and document progress to see how good a teacher this game can really be.  Ubi Australia in fine form had a ‘come at us bro’ reaction to this, and sent me a copy of the game and the cable required so I could do just this, and now the journey has begun.


thanks ubi!


Now the plan is to do a series of videos documenting progression, a weekly update if you like of how much better I do or don’t get at guitar with regular sessions with the game.  Other than progression I also want to look at exactly how much I want to play the game, is it fun enough to encourage me to learn more.  Motivation is where so many games regarding life fall short, so whether or not Rocksmith 2014 makes me want to play it will be really telling about how good this tool is.


I feel like making a video after playing it for an hour or so yesterday will be a boring watch, so instead I thought I’d start with a little introductory piece of writing, with my initial thoughts, which will no doubt be repeated next week when I officially start recording progress.


So far things I’ve noticed is that the game does a good job of not making me feel too much like an idiot.  It accepts my noobish nature and doesn’t punish me for it.  It also has that feel of a way cooler than me dude, who is being helpful and laid back, and I think all of these things have made the experience quite welcoming so far.  That being said a little more direction would be nice, as even though they are goals, sometimes they’re not really the right thing to do next. The game may tell you to try a new song, when you may need to have completed a lesson to understand some of that songs commands.  Luckily most songs tell you the lessons you should have completed before giving them a go, but it makes for a lot of jumping around.


Another thing that I think Rocksmith 2014 probably does really well is act as a practice tool for experienced players.  The mini games are pretty fun, and I can see someone wanting to brush up on their speed getting a lot out of being able to track their scores through those games.


My big questions so far, which hopefully will be answered in time is how good this game will be when it comes to trying to learn to read music or tabs, will the transition from the Rocksmith play screen be too different or will they accommodate for that.  It feels really weird as a musician to be playing an instrument but have no idea what note I’m playing most of the time, like I’m learning backwards, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  I’m also very curious to see how chords go later in the game, and how many I’ll learn in lead guitar mode – or if that will require a switch to Rhythm.


So far it feels like a pretty solid experience, but whether or not it can teach me guitar is yet to be seen.  Make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to see these videos as soon as they’re released.

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