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Published on November 7th, 2014 | by Erri


Erri’s Top 5 Indie Games from PAX AUS 2014

At PAX Aus this year there was a ton of indie games to try out! While I wasnt able to give them all a go, here are my top five:

  1. Fight the Dragon

They look so cute! Kill them!

Fight the Dragon is a brilliant hack-and-slash RPG where players can complete short 10-15 minute fantasy based adventures that were created by other community members. Surrounded by darkness, the world appears as you explore. In it are a slew of bad guys to kill and sweet loot to collect. The final goal however is to fight the dragon. Completing adventures gives you dragon scrolls, which in turn give you a few lives to fight the final boss – a dragon with one million HP. Needless to say… you need a lot of scrolls. Luckily damage you do to the dragon remains after death so you can slowly chip away at it. The game comes with an adventure construction kit that allows players to design and share their worlds with other players on all platforms. Currently there is over 100 hours of unique game play created by the community!

Platform: PC/MAC

Release Date: Early access available now

  1. Screen Cheat

I will destroy you with sweet candy goodness.

Your friend that always screen cheated in Golden Eye is going to love this game. Screen Cheat is a online and offline split screen first person shooter that is ridiculously fun! Everyone is invisible and the only way to find other players is to check out their screen and see where they are at. The five maps available are very colourful with distinctive landmarks making locating players easy. This coupled with fun weapon choices such as a candelabra, piñata or grenade launcher makes for multiplayer mayhem. I would go as far as to say that this is potentially going to be the Uno of the video game world when it comes to ruining friendships!

Platform: PC

Release Date: Out Now

  1. The Witch’s House
Oh. That's nice.

Oh. That’s nice.

The Witch’s House is a horror game with a classic RPG feel. You play as Viola, a 13 year old girl with balls of steel that wakes up in the woods next to a house with a talking cat (your trusty pal and save point that is doing it for the LOLs). Inside the ever-changing house you must work your way through puzzles, with unforgiving deaths lurking around every corner. I did not think I would get horror game chills from a top down view RPG but this game does an excellent job at setting the mood. I don’t want to give major spoilers away but – plot twist – even bad things happen to teddy bears.

Platform: PC

Release Date: Out Now

  1. Primal Carnage: Extinction

Clever girl.

This game makes all my dreams come true – a first person shooter with a dinosaur team and flame throwers. I came back to the Primal Carnage booth multiple times to try playing with different dinosaurs (and take glorious selfies with their resident dinosaur). The T-rex plays just like you think it would – a slow moving heavy tank of badassitude. The velociraptor however quickly stole the show with its insanely quick movements, high jump and shredding claws. The dinosaur team doesn’t get to have all the fun though – there are five human classes with a ton of equipment unlocks. The game is built on the Unreal engine and looks amazing. On release there will be 12 maps and two game modes with more promised to come.

Platform: PC (potentially PS4 next year)

Release Date: Primal Carnage has been out since 2012, Primal Carnage: Extinction is due out Nov 2014

  1. Crawl

Awesome 8bit mayhem!

Crawl for me was my number one indie game of PAX – from game play to graphics this game gets it right. An addictive arcade dungeon crawler, Crawl is made for multiplayer. Only one person controls the hero while the other players possess ghosts, objects, and monsters in an attempt to kill them and steal their humanity. When you kill the hero you take their place and the crawl continues! Everyone levels up along the way, with ghost players being able to evolve their monsters to more powerful creatures. Each game takes about 30 mins and finishes with a great big hulking boss. You can play with bots if you don’t have enough friends (forever alone club: population you?) but the fun here really is with a full multiplayer team. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing as the hero or the monsters – both sides are enjoyable and everyone has something to do on screen.

Platform: PC

Release Date: Out Now


What were your top indie games of Pax Aus if you were lucky enough to go?  Let us know in the comments below!

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