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Winter is Coming to Black Milk

It is no secret that here at XXP we are big fans of the amazing team over at Black Milk.  They’re Australian, they make really pretty clothes, and they often indulge our geek side, so there’s really nothing we don’t love about them.

The new Black Milk Collection has officially gone live today, and it takes us to the land of Westeros where we desperately hope that we aren’t too likable so that we may live.  Game of Thrones is so hot right now, and with the new upcoming season sending fans in to a tizzy there couldn’t have been a better time to release this amazing collection.  There’s the expected display of dragon scale leggings, and mapped skater dresses, but I feel that they’ve branched out a fair bit in this range by adding basketball style team tops that celebrate some of the houses of Westeros.  Not only that but a few left field additions like a new and improved Evil Cheerleader dress and Ninja hooded Catsuit means that the future of Black Milk is definitely one to watch.


LC-GOT-27-RhaegalDragonLegs-4-WEB_largecatsuit throne





So whether your Lannister or Targaryen or completely disinterested in Game of Thrones (really though?) you should head on over and support a local aussie team and the beautiful clothes they create.

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