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Published on September 5th, 2014 | by Muse Shake


Living Dead Clothing – Geeky Nylon Marvels

Here at XXP it’s no secret that we’re a big fan of geeky fashion.  Give us ways to put clothes on our skin that tell the world what we love, and how much we love it and we’re usually all the happier for it.  Geeky tees are in my mind the stock staple of the geek wardrobe, but lately printed nylon has taken the world by storm. We’ve already covered Black Milk several times, a company based in Melbourne Australia on it’s regular releases of geek related content such as LOTR, Harry Potter, and DC comics.  There is however another fantastic Australian nylon company that wear their geek hearts on their leggings, and that is Brisbane based Living Dead Clothing.

Living Dead have a lighter more jovial feel than Black Milk, and are of a simpler nature – less big fancy shoots, more bright colourful nylon.  They also have a range just for kids, and a section of their online store is dedicated just for gamers.  Prints celebrating Zelda, Mario and Pacman, as well as Dr Who and Adventure Time are just the beginning, and things are about to get even more exciting for these sellers of all things stretchy and shiny.

living dead 1

Pacman and Mario all over your bot bot

Living Dead clothing recently announced that they have gotten licensing to produce Marvel clothing.  What this means yet we don’t know as they need to get approval for everything they print, but on their facebook fan page Living Dead confirmed that we will see prints relating to “Cap America, Spiderman, Guardians, Kawaii, Marvel Extreme, Ironman, Hulk and the Avengers” so as far as I’m concerned it’s time to get excited.  Licensed prints mean that the artwork will be authentic and have a greater resemblance to the intellectual property, unlike a lot of the chibi or mashup workarounds currently available on the site.

Rocking the Retro styles

I’m betting the last question on your mind is ‘Why have we waited so long to tell you about Living Dead Clothing’ and the answer is quite simply that nylon can be a tricky beast.  I’ve seen plenty of cheap knockoffs of what good quality printed nylon companies are trying to do, and until I had a few items myself I didn’t want to go filling everyone with desires that were to be unrequited.  As the proud owners of some leggings, a crop and a skirt I can say that the quality of these items appears to be excellent so far.

living dead 3

Harlequin as a cat? Ok! Majora’s Mask? Definitely ok!

Got further questions about Living Dead Clothing, or just want to get in touch with some likeminded fans?  Their facebook fan page ‘The Deadites’ is incredibly active and everyone has been consistently happy to help one another with all questions relating to, and quite often completely aside from Nylon.

What items would you like to see in their upcoming Marvel release?  Personally I’m always up for anything Iron Man, but also think a Wasp skater could be adorable.  Comment below, maybe we can help give them some inspiration.


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