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Published on April 15th, 2015 | by Muse Shake


Humble Bundle: Bioware Edition

For those not familiar with it, The Humble Bundle is pretty much synonymous with a good time being had for all. Not only is it a ‘pay what you want’ system for games that are released to it, but it also helps charities, and gives the buyers the power over what kind of percentage they allocate to those in need.

As a Bioware fan in particular the current bundle is one not to miss, as although it is labelled as an EA Origin Bundle the shining titles for me are some of the top RPGS of the last generation. Headlining the act is Dragon Age: Origins, and undisputed power house in the fantasy RPG genre. This is accompanied by some other fine titles (albeit not bioware ones) such as Peggle and Dead Space 2, which should do you nicely when you need a change of scenery.

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The other mechanic in the Humble Bundle model, is that by paying more than the average you get access to extra games (In my experience this is usually around the $7 mark). This helps to drive the price up for those who want to pay it, meaning that more money gets raised to help the charities involved. This is where this bundle in particular really shine.

By throwing a few extra of your hard-earned dollars at a good cause you can also get your hands on Dragon Age II, so that once you’re finished with one you can combat that empty feeling by being potentially disappointed by a lesser game if you listen to popular opinion. I personally, being the freak of nature that I am, preferred the combat systems in D.A. II so I think it’s well worth the extra couple of dollars.

That being said, allow me to sweeten the deal for you.

By paying above the average you’ll also be getting one of the greatest RPGS of all time: Mass Effect 2. Call me bias all you like but there are few games this side of Bethesda that I’ve dumped so many hours into as Mass Effect 2 and as I’m sure most of you are already aware the characters and story in this game are very hard to top.

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Now I understand that I’m mostly just preaching to the choir by chanting that everyone should buy these games that you probably already know and love, but no really, you should. It’s for charity! And if that’s not enough for you, here are some other reasons:

You can play them again! I’m a console fan girl at heart, so this bundle would give me the opportunity to play these games on a platform that I haven’t used before. experience the games all over again but with anti aliasing!

Give them as gifts! Convert the pedants around you into upstanding humans by literally forcing them to play these games. You can even guilt people around you into it by spinning the charity angle. Come on guys, I thought you were GOOD people.

By now, because it’s cheaper. Now I know we should be giving as much as we can, but for many of us that is literally only a couple of bucks. At time of writing this Article I paid $5 to get full access to the content. Due to the mechanic of the thing this will get driven up the longer you wait, so by jumping on early you’ll come out with a better deal, and a smug sense of superiority that we all can enjoy.

Last of all though, there is more to come. By purchasing now you will also have access to whatever else they decide to release in this bundle as time goes on. It could be anything! I think we all know that if we’re offered the choice between the money and what’s in the box it’s only good sense to choose the box, every time.

So that’s it guys, go dump some of your loose change on the ever awesome Humble Bundle, make some people happy, and romance Thane… I mean enjoy some great games.

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