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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Ithika


Holy form-fitting geek fashion, Batman!

Blackmilk Clothing.  I haven’t talked about them here at XXP before, but long have I coveted this brand of heavyweight, super sleek, beautifully printed designer clothing.  I first discovered them whilst at uni, where I espied a girl with such remarkable peacock leggings that I had to go up to her and ask her who they were by – she was so excited to share their excellent quality with me that she commanded me to touch her leg to feel the fabric.

True story.

That was several years ago now, and I’ve watched Blackmilk clothing expand into a veritable myriad of wonderfully designed fashion pieces, both of their own design, and in several licensed collections, most of which are ‘geeky,’ which is just freaking fantastic.  The latest addition to their increasingly extensive repertoire is the world’s greatest detective.

Blackmilk’s Batman collection has some really neat things in it, ranging from wonderful, recognisably branded pieces like this caped batman suit, or the company’s trademark style of high quality printed leggings, to clothing which evokes the feel of Batman or other characters in the family, like this cute Good Guy Top.   The collection covers everything from overt “this is a batman article of clothing” pieces to more subtle numbers that one could theoretically wear to one of Gotham’s high society functions.  In addition to all the great clothes, the descriptions are always worth a read, too.



I would seriously wear this to all of the pool parties.




To see the rest of the Batman Collection, head over to Blackmilk’s website!


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