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Published on January 31st, 2015 | by Erri


10 Awesome Geeky Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting a gift. It is even more awesome when that gift is incredibly geeky and unique! Valentine’s Day is coming up fast so I thought this was the perfect time to share my top 10 list of geek gifts. But remember that you don’t have to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get your partner or buddy a gift – a surprise at any time of the year will show them how much you care and appreciate them (nawwwwww).

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

When their walk has gotten more sillier lately and its taking them more time than usual getting places, it is time to get them a Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks watch. There is no better way to keep time than with John Cleese’s walking talents. Find the product here.


Tights with Text

Your literacy loving gal will love the tights on sale at this etsy store. Choose from a selection of pre-printed styles of different well known books and poems or make your own. You could put on there their favourite geeky quotes, 2Pac song lyrics or a recipe to double chocolate chip cookies! Oh, the possibilities!


Assassins Creed Inspired Hoodies

These Assassins Creed inspired hoodies look absolutely amazing and seems perfectly suited for a modern day parkour assassin… or just someone who loves awesome videogames. Check out the eight different colours here.


Harley Quinn Best Friends Necklace

Suitable for any person that you like to share chaos, fun, and make cape swooshing noises with! For either your sidekick or gotham girl, they will love their half of this necklace set. Get yours here.


Grey Warden Signet Ring

Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s the weight of responsibilities from fighting the darkspawn all across Thedas! This Grey Warden signet ring is the perfect gift for a Dragon Age fan or a general lover of smooshing things into candle wax and leaving cool patterns. Accept the quest here.


Zelda Map Scarf

This etsy store has a fantastic range of scarfs for the Hyrule princess in your life. A range of fandoms are covered (Star Wars and LOTR to the periodic table) but my pick of the bunch is the Zelda map scarf.


Apollo 11 Sweatsuit

How much fun is pretending to be an astronaut right? Maybe you have a friend that likes to walk around like theyre effected by zero gravity while they eat that powdered ice cream stuff that gift stores sell? Well this store is selling an amazingly detailed Apollo 11 sweatsuit that will take their dream that extra bit further. Even if that’s just to the couch for a Stargate marathon, lets count it as a gift success!



They are calling this game the new Cards Against Humanity and it does look like a lot of fun! Have you and your friend ever get bored and play the whole “who would win in a fight between this guy and this guy” game? Well this is a card game for that game. But at least 134% more ridiculous. An example of a possible matchup is: A Senior Citizen Bowling Team (that is on a jet ski and armed with nunchucks) vs. a T-Rex (that uses the force and has one million twitter followers). Need I say more?? Grab your copy here.


The One Ring

So you have a special geek that has everything. Well do they have the one ring to rule them all? You can buy your precious an officially licensed copy of it here. This is pretty much the gift of all geeky gifts!


Plush Kitten Bouquet

What is a better way of saying ‘I love you’ with a bouquet of flowers? A bouquet of adorable fluffy plush kittens. With 9 kittens in the bouquet, you are also gifting them a total of 81 lives! The perfect way to a crazy cat lady’s heart can be bought here.


And as a bonus…

Sorry I’m Such An Asshole Balloons

And if you know you are a super disappointing partner or friend that misses birthdays and events all the time, how about get some apology balloons? You could be really sorry all at once or use them sparingly in times of extreme sarcasm. Find your asshole balloons here.


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