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Published on September 1st, 2014 | by Muse Shake


Before you see Jennifer Lawrence naked

Consider the following, would Jennifer Lawrence want you to?


Sometimes news spreads so quickly over social media it’s like a wildfire.  Everywhere you look there’s that one story that you heard about four hours ago, but as new people get hold of it it only spreads further and finds its way back to your feed.  Sometimes this is a good thing, important information travelling quickly to inform as many people as possible in a short amount of time, but more often it’s unnecessary trash about a celebrity or an obvious scam (No a retailer is not going to give you a $500 gift voucher for liking their page, sorry to disappoint).  Today the latter has certainly taken hold.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest movie stars around at the moment.  She won over the mainstream with performances in blockbuster movies like Xmen: First Class and the Hunger Games series, and then continued to catch fire on the internet with her adorkable nature and love of food.  Now she’s making headlines again for an entirely different reason, her phone has been hacked and photos that she probably didn’t want anyone else to see are all over the internet.


I’m sure many of you have already looked, some even accidentally at these photos.  I myself have been lucky enough to avoid them, not because I wouldn’t like to see Jennifer Lawrence naked (because hot damn son) but because she wouldn’t want me to see her naked, at least not in those photos.  You see there’s this thing about consent in people’s actions, and looking at some ill-gotten images of someone in their private moments is something that we certainly don’t have consent to do.  Sure if she posted naked pics of herself on a website free for all to see, then by all means, go, look and be merry, but she didn’t, so looking at this photos is the equivalent of being the dirty sleaze peering through her bedroom window as she changes at night.  Further more looking at these images gives hundreds of thousands of clicks to those who upload and support them, so it’s closer again to having paid someone to hack in to her webcam for your own personal amusement.

So what I’m asking you to do, despite how much I’m sure you want to, is to not look at these photos.  Don’t click, anything that suggests it might show you these images, don’t give them the revenue, don’t give them the reason to do it again.  We’re all so desperate and fearful of our own information that gets hacked online, yet when it’s nude pics of a celebrity we jump on board ready to gawk and have a look.  Any argument that the leak is her fault for being a celebrity or for taking nude pics on her phone is fundamentally flawed, and I think anyone making those statements knows this.  This could have been you, or your friends that are being paraded around in the buff all over the internet without your consent, and I’m sure you would appreciate people taking the time out of their day to simply not click the links.

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Muse Shake

Gamer, geek, artist & all round swell lady. Video games first sparked a passion with me when my parents decided I wasn't allowed them, forbidden fruit always being the sweetest I've not looked back since my first experiences even though they had to be snuck in at friend's houses. When I'm not working or playing games I'm usually drawing, or writing about games, while secretly resenting that when I turned ten no one gave me a Charmander to roam the land with.

5 Responses to Before you see Jennifer Lawrence naked

  1. lovecraft says:

    Muse I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you just a little on this one. I understand completely the point that you made but you are just a little off on the actual situation as her phone was not hacked. Apparently someone did hack into Apple’s Icloud server and accessed an archive of pictures of quite a few people. The fault here is all on Apple and I won’t be surprised if on Tuesday we start seeing reports of some of these stars bringing lawsuits against them. To be honest I am no one to Ms.Lawrence and I really doubt that she would lose sleep at night knowing that I saw her nude pictures. I applaud you for taking the moral high ground but to me this is a situation that is just bad luck for her. Maybe she will rethink using Apple products in the future. I will tell you that her pictures are not very explicit and it is no surprise that just like lots of women her age she likes to take nude selfies in the mirror.

    • Muse Shake Muse Shake says:

      I knew a bunch of celebrities had been hacked in to but I didn’t realise it was icloud who had actually been attacked. I’ve been trying to keep my blinkers on with it because for the reasons presented in my article I really don’t want to see the pictures by accident – I’ve had a few people tell me they’ve stumbled across them without wanting to.

      I can’t really say if Jlaw would mind you personally seeing her photos, but the simple fact is that no consent was given and anyone who looks at them is doing so without consent. I also really don’t want to give revenue to anyone supporting it either, hence the ‘please don’t click’ attitude.

      • lovecraft says:

        I don’t understand how anyone could “accidentally” find the pictures. I am sure there are probably some lesser known sites that might have them just for click bait but then most people probably don’t even know about these sites. Well known sites like TMZ would not dare host the pictures for obvious reasons. That idiot Perez Hilton did post some her pictures when this first started but he quickly removed them and apologized. The pictures are mostly being hosted on image sharing sites and they tend to get deleted pretty fast so I think you are safe as long as you are not a regular on 4Chan or Reddit.
        In a world where Kim Kardashian can make millions having no actual talent or skills solely because of the fame she acquired from her father’s name and her sex tape, I really am not worried for the future of Ms.Lawrence. I would have used Lara Bingle as an example since you are Australian but I don’t really know much about her. I hear that she is your equivalent to Kim.

        • Muse Shake Muse Shake says:

          I think it has been things like reddit and image hosting sites, people posting it to Facebook?

          It’s not really about if this is good or bad for her career, it’s just human decency.

  2. I sure hope to god my naked selfies don’t get hacked from my apple cloud :> !!!

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