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Published on June 13th, 2013 | by Muse Shake


Why I’m Back on Board with Xbox

Now if you’ve been keeping on board with our E3 wrap ups you’ll know that the features of the Xbone that has everyone else up in arms don’t really effect me anyway.  I am always online – all you need to do to confirm that is check my twitter account.  The only time I’m not online is when the internet is down, and that rarely happens for a period of 24 hours anyway because I live in Perth, where everyone freaks out when it rains because it’s about as close to a natural disaster as we can get.


it gets pretty hot though.. and spiders… don’t forget the spiders

I’m also not big on pre-owned games.  I’ve bought the occasional one but so often they aren’t cheaper to an extent that justifies the potential issues with the game, and I’ve always been of the belief that developers should probably get a portion of pre-owned sales especially considering the mark up.  Where this process does effect me a little is in trading, and the potentially loss of the 7 day return that some retailers offer.  I don’t trade excessively, but it’s nice to have the option to resell and get SOMETHING for the game I don’t play anymore, even if it’s not very much.  This coupled with the amount of potentially excellent games I might not try if I can’t bring them back within 7 days could indeed be crippling to my gaming experience.


So in my haste I found myself swept up in the flood of Microsoft hate with my small indignation and my moral opposition for those who would suffer the consoles restrictions harder than me.  It’s a conflicting experience as I know that I will be getting both consoles anyway, it’s a compulsion to me as someone who was refused games for so long as a child to exercise my adult right and purchase to my hearts content.  I can not stand the idea of missing out on exciting IP just because I don’t have the hardware.  In the previous gen I loved games from both consoles exclusive lists, however I was an Xbox gal, with it being the first console I owned and the damn comfy controller it became my go to for non exclusive titles.  So while not being a fangirl I felt slighted that the console I’d had preference with was behaving in a manner that seemed almost evil, and was ready to run in to the open arms of Sony and their almost White Knight appearance at E3.  Sure I’d still own both, but this change could mean that my trophies start to outweigh my achievements.


All aboard the hate train



I had a bit of a change of heart today after reading this interview with Microsoft’s Xbox Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Yusuf Mehdi. Now it’s impossible to say if what he’s explaining in this interview was Microsoft’s plan all along or if it’s their flip due to the reception at E3, either way, I feel a whole new level of understanding.


The big eye opener for me is that in the article Mehdi explains Family sharing on the Xbox One.  The feature, as far as I understand it, allows you to select 10 Xbox Live friends to allocate the title of Family, and this group may share your games.  The article explains that they will have shared access to your library, which I assume will work much like how the PS3 used to when your account was allowed on five playstations thus allowing them all access to your games, only without the ability to play the same game at once.  The potential for value amongst friends if this is the case is huge, and makes me understand and respect the 24 hour online check in decision to a greater depth.  Without this check in I’d imagine it would be a lot harder to keep this system from being abused, and as a privileged individual with rare troubles with internet I’d say that this trade off is worth it for me.


yay for flowing water and internet!


How all of this is going to work with Disc based games is still uncertain, so how Microsoft plans to justify requiring check ins for those other than in a desperate attempt to kill pre-owned is beyond me.  Games are an interesting separation when it comes to the ‘used’ market, as many products have been selling used for years now without the trouble that they seem to face.  There is some sense to it though, as with Cars that sell used one may still need to buy parts to keep them running, where a game – online pass excluded- can work forever without the developers seeing a cent.  Pre-owned are also a large factor in keeping retail stores afloat, and are pushed very heavily because of this which no doubt is another kick in the crotch for Developer cash flow.  The reason I feel so conflicted towards this system is because as a kid I never bought new games – I simply couldn’t afford them.  I wasn’t even aware that I was buying pre-owned a lot of the time I just picked the one with the cheapest price tag and hoped no one would realise it was worth more.  As an adult I am an avid game lover, and if buying new increases the industries ability to put forth better games, then I’m for that, every single time.


So where does all this leave me?  Well to be honest not really any different to where I started.  I’ll still buy both consoles as both have exclusive IP I don’t want to miss out on.  I feel instead it’s just given me cause to look at Microsoft’s new addition in a better light, regardless of how stupid I feel the name is.  So what will be my console of choice?  Sony has come out and said that games not developed in house may still have restrictions much like the Xbone as they’re leaving the decision up to the publishers.  Microsoft has had a poor flow of information detailing what it is their console does and why.  I already own a Wii U however so far the lack of games on the system has left it relatively untouched, regardless of my feelings towards it. So the matter of what will be my preference is a question that I’m very curious to see answered, however until more information becomes available I fear this will all hang in the comfort of the controller.


I also quite like the Wii U pro controller so far… if only games used it



After E3 presentations and follow up articles which consoles are you thinking getting?  Leave a comment on any of our E3 content on this website, along with whether you play on PS3 or 360 and you could win a mystery game.  All the games we have available were released this year, with the exception of one or two from late last year – so it’s worth your while to help us get used to our new website.


~ muse

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  1. Matt says:

    I’ve been getting a lot of hate from some friends and work mates for supporting the Xbox one, but as I keep telling them I will be getting both consoles because of the exclusive games not because of the console. I understand some people don’t have internet and that sucks but it really doesn’t affect me in the slightest. I buy most of my games (both 360 and ps3) as a direct download anyway so again this doesn’t affect me.

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