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Published on June 12th, 2013 | by Muse Shake


Playstation’s E3 Keynote

Now you’ve probably already heard it all over the internet that Sony have supposedly ‘Won E3′ with their announcement of basically not doing what Microsoft are doing.  As far as easy wins go it feels a bit lacking to crown Sony just on this merit alone.  In this recap we’re going to take a closer look at the games that they brought to the stage and judge them on their content, rather than their ability to not be super restrictive console makers.


Sony did one thing right straight off the bat.  They’re a damn clever company and starting the show with a video presentation of all the games we love and want to see in an upbeat montage really brought the crowed onside.  Remind the people why they’re here before bringing out the games and get the crowed hyped.  Smart move right there.


The actual presentation begins by reminding us all of that little handheld with the big guts and no games the Sony Vita.  Personally I think Vitas are amazing little consoles, but the need to buy one doesn’t really exist.  None of that push to make the expense worth while.  Some titles the console is getting now include Batman Arkham Origins, Killzone Mercenary, and remastered versions of games such as God of War and FFX and X-2 are hitting the portable screen.  The big possible seller is that the highly acclaimed Walking Dead series by Tell Tale (not that other crap one) is coming to Vita with a new bundle in August with the complete first series plus some other content.  They’ve also reinforced that the PS4 will continue to support and interact with the Vita with off screen play and integrated gaming.


stillll allliiiivveee


A few moments were taken to also reassure Playstation 3 owners that they will continue to support the system for a while to come.


Funnily they start this by showing the very well received Last of Us by Naughty Dog – however why they bothered to show a game that has already been ‘received’ is beyond me.  Why not simply wait a few days and experience it for ourselves?


They then went on to show a few games we’ve not yet heard of, many that looked new and.. well .. odd.  One that really caught my eye was Rain, a title which displays ghostly shadows moving in the rain, only visible where the rain hits.


creepy cool


Next up was a bit of an odd one as I was expecting to see an entire display dedicated to it rather than just a few minutes in an ongoing video.  Beyond: Two Souls by Quantic Dream did reveal some things we weren’t aware of, such as Jodie’s history of being in a military training environment.  It’s certainly not the direction I was expecting this title to take, but it makes this female lead game even more interesting to see how it plans out.


Finally we finish with Gran Turismo 6, another racing game to add to the heap.  Hopefully this one comes out within ten years this time.

The Batman Arkham series has been incredibly strong and consistently good which is surprising streak for a super hero game.  Arkham: Origins takes a look at how Bruce Wayne got to be the Bats we have been playing in the previous two games and so this means that the game appears to be taking a rougher take with the Dark Knight.  Really on the success of the previous games they could just tell me this game existed and how much it costs and I’ll hand over some money.  Playstation is claiming some exclusive offerings for the game, but it really doesn’t look as though it’ll be a deciding factor in which console I’d chose to buy it on.


guaranteed to be awesme


GTA-V was then paraded around to show the new Playstation 3 bundle and a new headset, however it felt more like a cock tease for the crowed who were definitely hyped for some GTA action.


This ended the Playstation 3 segment of the Sony presentation and brought fans to what they are really here to see.  How are the boys in blue going to be our salvation from the green monster?


This was our first look at the playstation four console as a world, and really, I’m not sure.  Both designs have gone really boxy this time around, it looks almost exactly like the Xbone only with a slanted angle and a cut down the middle.  I wouldn’t have known it without Sony and Microsoft but apparently curves are so last gen!




Sony seem to be once again pulling out their entertainment labels to give them some muscle in winning the war for your loungeroom.  As Microsoft got all their TV stuff out of the way in their pre E3 look, Sony had some ground to make up to win back everyone who’s not a gamer.  With their use of Crackle, Sony music, and Sony Pictures Sony is trying to set playstation up to be an entertainment hub.  Luckily for us in Australia it probably means about as much as Netflix so better to move along and get back to the games.


World Wide studios came back to bring us back to the action by promising 20 new titles available in the first year of PS4, twelve of which are brand new IPs for the platform.  They went on to display a title that has me very intrigued.  The Order is a sort of Steam Punk Victorian era that hangs in the balance of what it’s enemy is.  The preview trailer shows us twisted figures in the mist charging at what are likely our protagonists.  They are humanoid, and move fast with pounces and growls, so I’m desperately pleading for werewolves.  Whatever you do ‘The Order’ PLEASE don’t be zombies.  The game has beautiful clothing textures and steam punk guns that shoot lightning, please don’t ruin it by making it just another zombie shooter.




Sony then pulled out their guns, with the new Killzone title.  We had this teased to us at the Console announcement early in the year and everyone was blown away by the graphics.  Killzone: Shadow fall still looks just as pretty, but we got to see even less of it this time, so no real news on this front.


They continued barraging us with titles that were shown in the announcement earlier this year, with a very quick video for Drive club, followed by a longer show of the new inFAMOUS title.  Second Son looks like a very cool addition to the already highly acclaimed series.  inFAMOUS have always had amazing gameplay with the utilisation of super powers in a grungy real world environment and the new power looks like a nice move from the electricity we’ve been used to.  Definitely excited for this one.


They finished up by reminding us of that quirky little robot game Knack, and then announcing that it as well as Killzone and Drive club will be launch titles for the PS4, with Second Son to follow in the first quarter of the release.  Sad for me that the most interesting looking title will come the latest, but very cool to hear that it’s so soon in the consoles life.


Remember that creepily detailed old man face from the tech demo released by Quantic Dream a while ago?  Well he’s back in a full version of the demo that was run in real time.  It’s a very pretty demo, with the textures and shapes looking almost real enough to touch.  That being said it’s still just a demo, and offers little in the way of game hype.


Playstation then went on to put Microsoft to shame, but not in the way that you’ve been hearing about.  If you recall Microsoft used Minecraft to display their commitment to Indie developers, you may also recall this made most people laugh at the idea that this showed any commitment at all.  Sony on the other hand have a good history of supporting Indie Devs and lead us on an indie game barrage to prove their support.


yeah they are!


SuperGiant games – the creators of Bastion – were first up with their new IP: Transistor which looks a lot like Bastion in gameplay mode but with a different art style.  I’m interested to see how different this game ends up being to the previous Indie Smash.


Tonnes smaller indie games were then announced in quick succession, however none were really given enough time to really get a good feel to what their games were like.  The presentation was more of a taste to get people interested in their indie line up, but relied on previous game knowledge to understand who the devs are and what the kinds of games they make are like.  If you want to get a look at the games I recommend you go have a look at the feed, as it’s too much to explain with such little information in a wrap up like this.  however be assured that announcing that Sony are giving indie devs the ability to publish their own content on their store is really bringing these games to the forefront on PS4.



Square Enix were next up in the Sony con with a look at their latest trailer for the new Final Fantasy Title FFXV.  The game reeks of the same styling and story telling that FF games are known for, however with a big twist.  This game is based in reality, the cities and environments look far greater like they do in our world than in any other Final Fantasy game however they still maintain that definite feel of the acclaimed JRPGs.  The combat looks very different from your usual JRPG from hat was displayed in this trailer and with the slow down in appreciation on recent FF titles it’ll be really interesting to see what direction they’ve taken to turn the series back to it’s former glory.


all the pretty faces

all the pretty faces


The big surprise though came with the teaser trailer for a new Kingdom Hearts game for PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 and showed us that the Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX for PS3 will be available on September 10, 2013.


Now came a second dose of Assassin’s Creed from Ubisoft.  If you’ve read my Ubi wrap up, you’ll know that I felt burnt from this series with AC3 but that they had won me back to one of my favourite IPs with their presentation.  Well Sony pretty much doubled it.  I didn’t want to come back, I really didn’t, but it looks like a really solid game with some new and interesting AC gameplay, and as I’ve said before THEY’RE PIRATES.  Please don’t hurt me again guys, you have my trust and my enthusiasm, don’t break it again.


Bethesda was next up with a new trailer for their up and coming MMO Elderscrolls Online.  Until we see proper gameplay footage and information I don’t see what more trailers can tell us about these games.  The trailer did appear to have gameplay in it but it didn’t look like something that could really be how it works on an MMO.  I feel like more information is required on this one before I break my no MMOs rule, (that is at least until WoD comes out) but if any series can do it Elderscrolls has a solid shot.  PS4 has secured the rights to have the first go at the Beta for this game, and that could be a selling point for the console with such an influential series.


but to ps4 first..


The next teaser was a big surprise, as I jokingly yelled out in my living room OMG IT’S MAD MAX upon seeing the desert landscape, makeshift vehicles, and spiky shoulderpads.  Turns out the game actually IS Mad Max ad Playstation has claimed some exclusive content for the game.  So many games and movies have been inspired by this IP so I think most people are very interested to see how it turns out.


Now came the big moment.  The moment gamers who have found the Xbox One restrictions to be an offence on their liberties offered Sony the loudest cheers of the show for their announcement.  It makes me worry most of all that something like this is all it takes to win E3 now days, rather than games, however I still feel you’d be better off watching this part for yourselves if only to hear the crowd reaction.


That’s right.  Support for Preowned and no online check ins.  Sony has later come out and said that other devs will decide whether or not their games allow preowned use, but all sony titles are guaranteed.


More good news from Sony is that current Playstation Plus memberships will carry over to the PS4 so much like the Xbox, one price for both consoles online membership.  Plus members will receive what Sony have called an ‘instant gamers collection’ on the Playstation 4 with Drive Club being available day one for members.  Plus members are also entitled to a free game every month for the PS4 from launch which will make buying a PS4 a bit less of a burden on the wallet.


To finish it off Sony almost rudely presents their world gameplay premiere of Destiny.  After so blatantly and directly having a go at Microsoft they then end the presentation by debuting with the developers that arguably made the original Xbox as successful as it was.  Destiny looks a fair amount like Halo only perhaps more stylised and well, with more of a dystopia as that is the way of this E3.  It even has a thing called a ‘ghost’ only it’s not a kick arse hover vehicle but instead a glowing direction ball and I swear I saw something that looked like a needler.  The design of the enemies in Destiny are far fresher than what we’ve seen out of halo though, even with Halo 4 adding the Prometheans, but even still it’s really hard to shake the origins of this game.  The Addition of loot is what will set this game apart from other scifi shooters such as Halo and the new Titanfall and adds a nice diversity and will hopefully stop it from falling between the cracks.  I’m a big fan of loot and weapon customisation and skill trees, it’s the entire reason Borderlands held my attention as it has, so I’m pretty pumped for this title and maybe the exclusive content Sony is getting will tip the scales.


does the name mean we don’t have a say in it?


Then came the next big news from Playstation.  The price.  $399 US, which has been translated to a RRP of $549 here in Australia, because, you know, bullshit.  This is $50 cheaper than the XbOne here in Australia, however remember that the Xbox One comes with the new Kinect which is probably worth <$100 in itself.


So that’s it for the Sony keynote.  Some titles I’m definitely interested in seeing and of course the good to hear lack of restrictions on what you do with your console and good support for Indie games.  If nothing else they certainly came out as the good guys of gaming this time.  What did you think?  Leave a comment on any of our E3 content on this website, along with whether you play on PS3 or 360 and you could win a mystery game.  All the games we have available were released this year, with the exception of one or two from late last year – so it’s worth your while to help us get used to our new website.


~ muse




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