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Published on July 24th, 2012 | by Ithika


Diablo III’s auction house: Inexplicably difficult


Diablo III’s Auction House – Inexplicably Difficult

Question Time with Ithika

While I am by no means a purist, determined to get from Normal to Inferno in Diablo III with only gear I’ve found myself, I have still only just now really gotten into using the Auction House. Mainly because a friend of mine claims he has made $1,000.00 more or less from using the Real Money Auction House and as I am still a Pov Student at heart this ignited my interest.

Now, I’m not ashamed to admit that I played World of Warcraft for a good many years (yes, I still get the pangs – yes I have Pre-ordered Pandaria, don’t judge me), and the auction house in WoW is where all of my characters go the majority of their gold. It had a small learning curve, and I augmented mine with mods it’s true, but it was a simple system that made it quite easy to find the item or kind of item that you wanted to buy, or to compare similar items to the one you wanted to sell so you could be a dick and undercut the shit out of everyone.

So you can imagine my surprise when the Diablo III auction house lacked much of the functionality of the WoW auction house which I remembered. You can’t search for identical items by name unless they are legendaries – the overwhelming majority of items you will want to sell in Diablo will not be legendaries, I’m afraid – and you can only search for 3 ‘attributes’ per item, when they commonly have 6 or sometimes even more.

You also can’t arrange your auction house searches by time remaining on the auction – when you’re looking for a bargain this is pretty crucial – nor can you sort them by bid price, just buyout.

I would argue that the WoW auction house, shown below, is superior to Diablo’s in almost every way.


This makes no sense to me – while sure, WoW is Blizzard’s juggernaught, a ridiculously well established game that is a constant source of revenue, I would have thought that Blizz’ 15% auction house cut in real money transactions would have prompted them to take the things that were great about WoW’s auction house and make it even easier to use.

Sure, Diablo’s auction house is simpler that WoW’s, and while that may appeal to the casual or newbie gamer, these are not the people who are dedicated enough to the game to be prepared to drop $100 on a Legendary weapon. People are generally smart enough to figure out how to use an auction house, after all, Ebay has done ok.

So am I just being lazy1 (because I have to manually write down the stats of each item I want to sell, in order to find myself ballpark bid and buyout figures) , or is the Auction House in Diablo not what it should have been? Is there any chance Blizz will alter it in a patch? Could it be some bizarre requirement linked to wanting to restrict under and over pricing in the Real Money auction house? (Because if it is, it’s not going to work.)

I can’t see mods becoming A Thing in Diablo precisely because Real Money is involved, but surely the core Auction House itself could be much, much better. So why isn’t it?

~ Ithika

1. Well, yes of course I am – but that’s not the only issue here.

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