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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Muse Shake


Artwork – Pokemon shirt designs

‘I chose you’ pun




he’s hard like a rock type



Austin Powers anyone?


So being sick gives me time for other lame endeavors.

I really want to make a lame series of valentines things.. because I’m lame.  I’m going to post the files here so if you just want the image feel totes free to print it and use it or whatever because yay making people happy with art.

I have however also put this up on my redbubble as a card and a shirt

So if you.. I dunno.. Want to give me some money for them that’d be sweet to.  Money will mostly likely go towards making XXP better so you should do it ;D

my full redbubble is here but it’s still pretty new, and the XXP shirts are set at no profit to me hence the cheaperness.

If you have any cool ideas for gaming and geekery shirts I could make I’d love to hear them.. I need to make some that aren’t pokemon eventually xD

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