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Published on April 21st, 2014 | by Ari Nellen


Ari finds all the plot holes in Transcendence

Spoiler Alert.

Don’t read this article unless you’ve watched Transcendence or don’t give a £%#¥ about it.

These will attempt to be written so you can understand them without having seen the movie, however I’ve also attempted to keep it concise. If you need clarity ask in the comments!
  • It should be pointed out that brain taping is brain taping, it’s not artificial intelligence because there’s nothing artificial about it.
  • There is absolutely no way they could have installed intelligence on those, what 6 CPUs in sequence. And they would have needed a huge amount of storage, AND they couldn’t have done that without huge amounts of cooling which is not what you get in an old gym.
  • Also why did they waste precious storage/processing power in order to create some sort of creepy 3G head. Oh yeah, I forgot, magic amounts of storage and processing power. Oh and it’s just fucking weird, don’t do that.
  • It’s quite unlikely they could have ‘recorded’ all they needed from Will’s brain through 20 Cat5 cables in the short period of time. Also you can’t just ‘record’ the brain at this stage, and we still can only get a very small ‘screenshot’ of what the brain is doing. To even possibly attempt it they would have had to run Will through a bunch of memories, tests, thoughts, etc in order to test the strength of each neural connection which there are thousands of and do different things in every single person.
  • You can’t just duplicate the brain, you have to know what is important first which is a part of understanding the brain which they said they couldn’t do.
  • Why we’re there dumb ‘glitches’ in the Will and goldfish visualisations? He’s got infinite processing power, he probably could write an idle animation for all the times he doesn’t want to look mad in front of his girlfriend who thinks he’s probably a bit crazy/a little bit not himself. Oh and shut up all those who think it’s Will showing emotion or something, he should show emotion by trying to explain he’s not a fucking machine brain to his girlfriend so she doesn’t flip out and try to murder him and all his cool stuff.
  • There is not enough processing power on the internet to create a super person. There probably isn’t even enough in the world that is currently idling that you could steal. There just isn’t, also it would take for fucking ever to upload a consciousness into the internet over satellite. It’s almost like someone asked for Malcolm Turnbulls opinion.
  • There are some failures on Max’s account at understanding the post human. ie he flat out denies that this machine that has Wills programmed memories could be Will. I’m pretty sure people with brain damaged might get pretty pissed about this, at least have the decency to maybe question it for two seconds. I guess someone has to be the voice of the past where you are your body, sorry Max sign me up for the future where I am an android and live forever. Gogo.
  • Will has infinite processing power and knows a virus is coming for his ‘source code’. Omfg just re-write it or have some sad feelings about how your source code is you & can’t be re-written please.
  • Speaking of, even if that’s the case, duplicate a bunch of nano-bots, enough to form their own autonomy or at least enough with the information on how to fix a bullet wound. This possible autonomy is implied in the last scene. Wrap that in with your girlfriend with the bullet wound and let that part of you die as it saves your girlfriend. Now after that consider writing something to get rid of the virus. Fuck, now she’s a virtual consciousness she can probably write one two. Or we’re watching another season of Pushing Daisies.
  • How does wifi fucking work on nano-bots anyway? (Hint: it doesn’t).
  • How are the nano bots powered? (Hint: it can’t be those solar panels, and there’s not enough space on their body to gather enough solar energy themselves. Maybe they are nuclear powered and in a few years time Will is Dr. Manhattan and Evelyn is Laurie Jupiter with cancer and a bad attitude).
  • Why are the soldiers so woefully equipped? What was their plan exactly?
  • Since when do scientists tell FBI agents what to do ever?
  • Why didn’t Will stop the guns before they fired? Before the second shot?
  • Why did Will make his little worker bees create a barricade with washing machines when he could have blown out the tyres with little nano-bot spikes from rain water?
  • How does the virus affect things not networked? My calculator which runs on solar would still work? What does it even do? I’m pretty sure I can take that PC offline and then fucking reinstall Windows from a disk. Not everything needs to be networked to the internet to work, especially not power generation. Do they still not have power at the end? How does Max shower then? Did he was in the river? How did America plan for this when they knew it was going to happen? These aren’t really plot holes I just want to know.
  • There’s not enough solar panels to power those computer/AI. If they’re connected to the internet why didn’t they just cut their connection before infecting them with a virus?
I could go on forever, but I don’t want to! Feel free to add yours in the comments.

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Ari is a gamer who lives for adventure game, horror games, puzzle games, a good shooter on a console or PC. They've been gaming since a little tacker, leading to a misspent youth. They have a linguistics major, with a philosophy minor and currently work in IT. When they aren't gaming they love to take photos of gigs, weddings and food and cuddle their corgi puppy.

4 Responses to Ari finds all the plot holes in Transcendence

  1. Grey Matter says:


  2. Hannah says:

    And after the ‘Y2K’ bug happens at the end its portrayed almost idyllically, people riding bikes around, using keyboards as door stoppers etc… realistically it would be apocalyptic anarchy and complete carnage

    • Ari Nellen Ari Nellen says:

      I don’t know, I don’t think ‘Y2K’ would really affect us like some people predict. Honestly I think human society is a little more resilient, not because we’re necessarily all great people but just because maybe you go loot for a week or so but then things quieten down.

      Though the freakin’ ‘keyboard as a door stop’, heck, I do that now, tech stuff breaks all the god-damed time. It as a very ‘untech’ way of trying to show how useless tech is.

  3. anonymous says:

    And if Will could download/read Evelyn’s biochemistry, how come he didn’t know she was carrying a virus to take him down?

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